Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Series review: Legend series by Marie Lu

Legend, Prodigy and Champion by Marie Lu

Published: 2011, 2013

Genre: Dystopian
I loved Day right from the first page.  I was drawn immediately into his story and I really enjoyed reading from his POV.  June, I didn’t really connect with.  At least not in the first book.  Day is just amazing and I love his personality.  He’s been through so much and I love that he’s the “most wanted” criminal.  But, really there’s so much more to Day.   I enjoyed following him and discovering his story.    
I loved the introduction of the Patriots and the element that they provided. It was hard to tell what side you were supposed to be on (which is something that I really like)  I feel like the brutality of the government was really shown in this book, especially with what happens to Day and his family.  
The world was interesting, even if at this point (and I hate saying this) but it felt like I’d read this book before.  I don’t think it’s fair when people compare dystopians.  Dystopians ALL have similar elements, but each one is their own unique story.  The same can be said for Legend.  It’s a unique dystopian series, yet sometimes while reading this it just felt like I’d read it before.  Things that would happen and elements reminded me specifically of things in another popular dystopian series.  Maybe that’s because I waited a little too long to read this series.  I’ve burned myself out on dystopians for the time being. 
Legend also wasn’t quite as fast paced as I’d expected.  For some reason, I had a bit of a hard time getting through it.  Maybe due to the extremely long chapters (which are a pet peeve of mine) It just wasn’t as action packed and I found the pacing to be slower than I expected.  (see, expectations ruining it for me again)
That being said, I did really enjoy Legend.  I loved getting to see how these two characters stories and lives crossed paths.  I loved how Day and June met and how Day really made June think about things.  They go through so many things in this book that are pivotal in their relationship.
Something that I appreciated about June is how kick butt she can be.  She can take down almost anyone in a fight, and she’s an independent, badass female protagonist.  Which I really liked about her.  She becomes increasingly self-sufficient and independent as the series goes on. 
I really loved the premise of this book and how it was executed.  There are many different things going on in Legend, and Marie Lu never made it easy for Day and June, which I appreciated.  Their relationship is so complicated and there were several twists and turns for these characters.   Legend was probably my favorite in this series, because Legend is where it all started for Day and June.

Prodigy was a satisfying sequel to a great first book.  Sometimes, sequels seem to lag, but there were plenty of new things in Prodigy to keep us occupied.  I liked getting a glimpse into the Colonies.  It was something that everyone had been speculating and wondering about since the first book.  So, it was great to finally see what’s going on with them.  (trying not to spoil here!)
By this point, Day has pretty much unwillingly become the face of this rebellion.  All the people look to him.  And he is so badass about the whole thing.  He takes it and runs with it.  Day definitely knows how to command a crowd and he embraces the rebellion.  Prodigy made me love Day even more. 
I really loved the premise of Prodigy.  I liked the storyline with Anden and once again, nothing was black and white.  I actually really like Anden, and I appreciate how Marie Lu once again makes us question what we thought was right. 
I like the idea of not having to follow in your families footsteps (especially with his father).  Just because your parents may be evil, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a different person.  That you can’t want something else for the Republic and have different goals and ideas.
I really liked the inclusion of Anden and that whole angle.  It just adds a whole other element to the story and this crazy world. 
Even though June could get frustrating at times, she made the right decision.  Prodigy had some really great action just like the first one and I really enjoyed seeing the progression of these characters. 

As usual, Champion changed the game. 
We get to see different places in this world that Marie Lu has created.  And, I never thought I’d say this.  BUT, I want to go to Alaska!  Seriously, though…what kind of messed up world is it when Alaska is the nice, stable, technologically advanced country?
In Champion, the Legend series reaches its’ climax.  Things are still crazy, there are twists and turns and suspense. 
Day was less…himself in this book, though.  (which, is understandable with the circumstances) But I missed the “old” Day.  I love him and his personality, but it wasn’t as prevalent in this book.  I felt so bad for Day, but proud of him, because despite what he’s going through, he always keeps fighting and giving it his all. 
Day’s brother, Eden really grows and changes a lot through these books.  He goes from being a kid, to being a young man who wants to help and make his own decisions.  Who understands what’s going on in the world and the state that they’re in. 
The Colonies also play a big role again (which isn’t necessarily good thing).  BUT I really liked the return of the Patriots.  I just love it when people come together to thwart evil. 
Let’s talk about Day and June’s relationship.  So far, I haven’t said much or given my opinions about it.  As you may have been able to tell, I like Day a whole lot more than I like June.  To me, it just seemed like Day was willing to commit 110% and June was all wishy washy.  Day deserves someone who loves him just as much as he loves them, and I don’t think June fit that.  She’s SO indecisive and it drove me crazy.  Because Day isn’t at all.  If he wants to do something, he springs into action.  If he likes you, he’s going to commit 110%.  June, on the other hand, has to think about something for two books before she can really put her heart into something. 
I understand that that’s part of her character.  And that they can’t both be the same.  BUT it still frustrated me.  I just felt like Day deserved someone better.  NOW, not to say that I didn’t ship them at all.  I did.  I really admire how they had to fight to be together and all that they went through really make their relationship difficult. 
In Champion, I shipped them more than I had in the previous books.  After all that they had been through, it just seemed cruel if they didn’t end up together.  Some people don’t realize how much they care about someone or something until it’s out of reach.  I think it took extreme measures for June to finally realize just how much Day meant to her. 

THAT ENDING THOUGH.  PURE EVIL.  JUST…NO.  That’s one of my least favorite endings ever.  Unfortunately, also one that authors and tv writers seem to enjoy.  

 Overall Rating:
Final Thoughts:
I had a great time reading this series.    I LOVED Day.  He’s just the best.  Even though June wasn’t my favorite, she was definitely a protagonist you could root for.  I my case, I feel like this series was a little too hyped up.  I really liked it, but I have been hearing fantastic things for years and I expected it to blow me away.  When it didn’t it was just a bit of a disappointment.  That being said, I still DID really like this series (especially the first book, Legend)
Day and June really were characters I could root for and cheer on.  It is a world and story that I could get invested in and feel passionate about.  So, I don’t think it was a matter of not living UP to my expectations, but just not being quite was I expected.  WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING AT ALL.  I like to be surprised. 
Writing the reviews for these books and having to go back and think about each one really helped me to appreciate them more.  Now that It’s been about a month since I read them, I think I appreciate (and like) them even more than when I first read them.
Even if it’s not one of my favorite series of all time, it’s still an amazing dystopian series and I loved it.  It’s not to be missed if you’re a dystopian lover.  I will definitely recommend the Legend series in the future because it’s fantastic.   

Did you read the legend series?  What did you think?  Let me know!  Do you ship Day and June?  Who was your favorite character? 


  1. People keep telling me to read this, and I think a solid four stars for a series is pretty darn good. I need to pick these up soon! Great reviews!

  2. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend it. I can't wait to hear what you think :)

  3. Great review! I only read for Legend though because I don't want to accidentally read spoilers for the rest of the trilogy. I have the first book and I've been meaning to read it but other books just get in the way lol