Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Wrap Up

May Wrap-Up and June TBR
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This month has just been crazy.  I still can’t believe that May is over.  But I’m super excited because June means school is wrapping up and it will officially be summer.  I can’t wait for the sunny days and hot weather.
And summer means I’ll have tons more free time for reading and blogging and I am looking forward to spending the summer doing just that!

How many books did I read?

So, I read a total of 9 books in April, which Is exactly the same as last month.  I don’t know how that happened.  I haven’t been too happy with how many books I’ve been reading, because 9 for the whole month doesn’t seem like a lot to me.  And I’m getting really behind in my Goodreads challenge.  But, like I said, I am getting really excited because I know that I’ll have tons more time for reading soon.    
Also: I have reviews up for almost all of these, so if you are interested, check them out!

How do my ratings look this month?

 Overall, I am happy with the books I read this month.  I discovered Colleen Hoover, tried something new by reading a graphic novel, and read Sarah Dessen’s newest book, Saint Anything and The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West. 

So, how is my Goodreads goal doing?  Pretty bad.

Last month I said “hopefully I’ll be able to catch up by May”.  Hahaha.  No.  I’m 7 books behind now, whereas last month, I was only 4 books behind. 

June TBR

My May TBR was an utter failure.  I told you I can’t do TBR’s.  I wanted to read Vanishing Girls and The Winners Crime.  Did I get to either of those this month?  No.  It’s quite frustrating. 
Honestly, I don’t really think I’m making a TBR.  I just know that I’m in a contemporary mood, so I’ll probably be reading a lot of those. 

So, that was my month in review!  What about you?  Leave me a link to your May wrap up and June TBR.  



  1. Haha! My GR challenge is pretty bad right now too. I had a really stressful last semester of college though, so that's my excuse! :P I can't wait to read The 5th Wave! I've heard such amazing things!

    Here's my Weekly Recap!

  2. Yay for summer! I keep hearing how good The Rosie Project is- I should get to it at some point.

  3. You had a good month! You read lots of books that I have on my TBR but haven't got around to yet. (The Fill In Boyfriend is up near the top of my list!). I tried my first graphic novel this month too (forgot to include it in my wrap up). How did you find it? I was pleasantly surprised with the one I read as I didn't think it would be my genre at all. I'm interested in trying some others now though.
    Hope you can get lots of reading done this summer! :D

  4. HEY--you're only seven books behind. That's not too much. I'm sure you'll be able to catch up easily once you have the time. Nice to see you enjoyed Maybe Someday. I was actually debating whether or not I should read that one. I seem to be very up and down with Colleen Hoover books--I've read about three now, but the only one I really liked was Ugly Love. Great wrap up! :)

  5. I way behind on my Goodreads Challenge, I'm hoping to catch up. I also really want to read Saint Anything. Yay, on to the next month!

  6. Summer time! I'm glad you're getting more time to read! I hope you can catch up to your Goodreads challenge! I just finished mine but I only did 50 books. I don't do well with my TBRs either but I still make them just in the small chance that I actually follow it haha. Good luck on your Goodreads challenge!

  7. OMG you have read so many books this month! I think you should try not to stress so much over the reading challenge, I try not to because reading is supposed to be fun. So I think that as long as you are enjoying the books you're reading, then you're doing fine. Let June begin, so we can read and read! :)

  8. I think 9 books is a lot for one month! I also think 6 books is a lot though which is what I shoot for. I am soooo behind on my Goodreads challenge (8 books. eep!), but I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up.