Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Burrito Bowl Book Tag

I’m here today to do my first ever book tag - the Burrito Bowl Book tag.  Thank you so much, Anjie @ Love Thy Shelf for tagging me! 
Here are the rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you to make your own burrito bowl, linking back to their site.
  2. Answer the tag questions.
  3. Tag 5 others to create their own bowl!
  4. Food coma.
*This tag is not endorsed by Chipotle, just inspired by it! You can answer all of the ingredient questions or just the ones that make up your usual order!
The Ingredients:
Rice: The Foundation – “The book that got you into reading (or book blogging)”
I’ve always been a reader.  I’ve been devouring chapter books since I was little.  I used to go to Borders every week.  However, the book that really got me into the book blogging world was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Before that, I didn’t know much anything about YA books or what was popular.  I didn’t read the “popular" books.  However, then I had to read The Hunger Games series for my book club and it changed everything.  It opened me up to a whole new genre of YA.  After that, I started reading the more popular YA books.  I started reading book blogs and watching book vloggers and here I am.  I will be forever grateful that I read The Hunger Games because it definitely changed my (reading) life. 

Beans: The Filler – “The book with a whole lot of nothing going on”
I’ll revert back to my ultimate boring book for this one – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  I feel bad, because it’s a classic and I know a lot of people must like it.  I tried reading this for school in like 8th grade.  It did not go well.  Honestly, I think it was the longest, most boring book I’ve ever read.  Literally nothing happens.  I don’t mean to offend anyone who may like Jane Eyre, that’s just my honest opinion. 

Protein: The Building Block – “A book quote to live by”
For this one, I’ll just go with the first thing that popped into my head.  If I overthink this, I’ll be here all day.
“I have realized that part of being Dauntless is being willing to make things more difficult for yourself in order to be self-sufficient. There’s nothing especially brave about wandering dark streets with no flashlight, but we are supposed to be capable of anything.  I like that.  Because there might come a day when there is no flashlight, there is no gun, there is no guiding hand.  And I want to be ready” -Divergent by Veronica Roth
This is just one of my ultimate favorite quotes.  Although, now I do wish that I picked a quote that I didn’t already talk about in my TTT last month.  So, actually, for this one, I’ll link you back to my Top 10 Inspirational Quotes post.  There’s nine more inspirational quotes/ quotes to live by there! 

Fajitas: The Crunch of Texture – “A book with immaculate world-building”

For this one, I’m going with the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer.  Marissa Meyer does an outstanding job of building this amazing world.  The way she weaves together the stories and just….wow.  I love the Lunar Chronicles world so much and Marissa Meyer is wonderful! 

Salsa: The Dance of Flavor – “A book that kept you on your toes”
I could say The Last Olympian or Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan.  Both of these were the last books in the series, and I was on the edge of my seat most of the time.  But of this one, I think I’m going to go with Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder.  There were so many cliffhangers at the end of chapters that kept you on your toes.  It was such a fast paced, addictive book.  This also applies to the second book in the series, Magic Study, perhaps even more so. 

Corn: The Explosion of Sweetness – “A memorable scene with friendship/romance”

Beware!  Spoilers lie ahead.
That scene at the end of Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan.  You know the one I’m talking about.  Percy and Annabeth are my OTP, so while that scene crushed my heart and threw it into Tartarus, It is still one of the sweetest Percabeth moments.

In Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas, that scene where Chaol comforts Celaena on the anniversary of her parents death.  And Celaena says “I can’t tell if I should be ashamed of wanting to hold you on this day, or grateful that, despite what happened before now, it somehow brought me to you.”  Best quote ever!  So many Chaolaena feels.

I’m noticing a pattern here.  Do I like having my feelings crushed and destroyed and beaten up?  Apparently I do.  If you want to know about some friendships I like (because I did romance. Oops.) You can check out my Discussion: Friendships in YA and Top 10 Tuesday: Platonic Relationships

Cheese: The Bond of Calcium – “Two characters from different books you wish could be friends”
I’ve never thought about this before.  Hmmmm.  I’ll have to say Yelena from the Poison Study series and Celaena from Throne of Glass.  They are the two most kick butt female protagonists and they’re in such similar situations.  They would help each other and kick butt together.  Also, I think Celaena and Valek would get along beautifully as well. 

Sour Cream: The Tangy Topper – “The quirkiest character you’ve ever read (protagonist or supporting)”
This is a tough one.  Splintered by A.G.Howard was a book that was just altogether quirky.  I mean, it’s an Alice In Wonderland retelling – it’s supposed to be that way.  Everyone and everything in Wonderland was so quirky!  Especially Morpheus (He’s my favorite!!)

Guacamole: The Cost of Creaminess – “A book you paid too much for”
Honestly, if it’s a book I bought, read, and loved, then no price is really too much.  I think I’ll just say pretty much any hardcover I bought at Barnes and Noble.  Cover price is insanely expensive and everything is cheaper on Amazon.  Sometimes I just want to get a book at Barnes and Noble even though I know I can get it cheaper. 

Figuratively, I’m going to say Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  The price to pay was too high.  I’m not looking forward to seeing that movie.      

Lettuce: The Handful of Crispness – “A refreshing concept/theme in a book”
The strong themes of friendship in Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson.  I love books that feature friendship and it’s definitely not in enough YA books.  Reading Since You’ve Been Gone was so refreshing.  I talked about this a lot more in my Discussion: Friendships in YA post. 

Chips: Le Pièce de Résistance – “A must-read recommendation [if you like this book/genre—you decide!]”

These are my two series that I always recommend to everyone.
Fantasy- Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas.  This is definitely a must read for fantasy lovers.  But, honestly, I recommend this to everyone.  When I read Throne Of Glass, I wasn’t really a fantasy fan.  Now, I LOVE it! 
Sci-Fi- The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.  This is such a great Sci-Fi series and will no doubt please any Sci-FI fans.  But, like Throne of Glass, tons of people who don’t like Sci-FI have read and loved this series.  It’s one of those series that everyone will love no matter what genres they read.

Tabasco: The Kick to the Face – “Your favorite fight/action sequence”
Spoilers may be ahead.
I’d have to say The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan, because honestly, that whole book was one huge battle.  AND IT WAS GREAT.
Also, that scene in Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas where Celaena goes to the warehouse to find Chaol and takes out the whole warehouse of guys.  The first time I read that, I was like “YESSS! This is the Celaena I’ve been waiting for!”
That was so much fun!  Once again, thanks to Anjie @ Love Thy Shelf for tagging me.  Go check out her blog – it’s amazing!
I’m Tagging:
Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian
Also, if I didn’t tag you and you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged and do it anyway.  Make sure you leave me the link!  I’d love to read your responses.


  1. Hey, thanks for tagging me in this! I'll post it next week.

    I haven't read a lot of the books mentioned. Except I love Poison Study! AND. I looove Morpheus. He is definitely one of my more favorite characters!

    Fun post, can't wait to do it!

    1. Poison Study and Splintered are the best! I feel like they are not nearly as popular as they should be. Morpheus <3 <3 <3
      Can't wait to see your answers!

  2. SO MANY GREAT BOOKS HERE. Since You've Been Gone as a lovely refreshing change. OH and The Hunger Games got me into the YA world as well :)

    1. I have been dying to get my hands on another Morgan Matson book ever since. YEAH. I'm finding out that's the case with a lot of people! Hunger Games is just that amazing I guess :)
      Thanks <3

  3. I loved reading your answers! I'm glad you had fun with this tag. The Hunger Games will always have a special place in my heart because it introduced me to science fiction. I can see why you wouldn't like Jane Eyre. Marissa Meyer did create an amazing world in Lunar Chronicles. I'm still blown away with how she weaves the stories and integrates all the characters together! Plus, I just adore fairy tale retellings. I wish there were more. I've been wanting to read Poison Study for the longest time! I'm glad that it keeps you on your toes. That ending to Mark of Athena!! SO CRUEL! It was a literal cliffhanger ugh and then Rick's note to his readers in House of Hades. He loves torturing us haha. I'm sensing you didn't like Mockingjay? Haha. I also can't wait to read Since You've Been Gone, heard so many great things. Awesome answers!

    1. Thanks! It was a blast!
      Same here, The Hunger Games is the Hunger Games. It's one of the series that really revolutionized YA (in my opinion)
      I don't know how Marissa Meyer does it. I just saw something somewhere the other day that said she is working on two new series or something. How does she do it??
      Poison Study is great! I definitely recommend it.
      *SOBS* Mark of Athena! UGH That authors note is House of Hades is simultaneously the worst and best thing ever, He really does.
      I did like it, It's just that the longer time goes on, the angrier I get about some of the characters deaths in the end. Especially one, which I feel was particularly unnecessary.
      Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Hope you love it!

  4. OMG The Hunger Games got me into blogging too Olivia! Such an amazing series. xD

    And Mark of Athena! *cries for a million years* Percabeth is my OTP as well. I can't believe Rick was so cruel to us all. I mean...after all we've suffered in that series! *cries even more* But I agree - as sad as it was, it was reminded us what an amazing relationship Annabeth & Percy have.

    And The Last Olympian definitely was amazing fight-wise. Between Annabeth's strategies and Percy's fighting, I couldn't take my eyes off the page. Especially that death at the end.

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices!

    1. I've been noticing that The Hunger Games got a lot of people into blogging and it's amazing <3
      Percabeth will always and forever be my OTP. It's heartbreaking, but also some of my favorite Percabeth moments. No matter what gets thrown at them, their relationship only gets stronger.
      The Last Olympian was amazing I remember sitting at a restaurant reading on my phone because I couldn't put it down!
      Thanks! <3