Monday, July 13, 2015

List Review: Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

So, I’m trying something a little new today.  I’m doing a list review!  How does this work?  Well, basically, my review is in list format.  And it was so much fun! 

Today, I’m reviewing Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry.  For info on the book, click over to Goodreads.   

Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Published: 2015

Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Hardcover

  • I loved the family aspect of this book.  It was stated so many times how it was a “family” and not a gang.  And it really did feel that way.  You got a sense of how close knit of a group they were and they really would do anything for each other. 
  • Just really so many great family relationships in this book.  Oz’s relationship with Olivia was beautiful and such a great mother/son relationship, even though they weren’t technically related.  How they care for Owen and took him in. 
  • Emily’s relationship with her family was slightly more tenuous.  She is so hesitant even though she KNOWS that it’s her family.  This wasn’t sprung on her.  She knew that was her father and she knew about his lifestyle. Yet, she was still so weird and standoffish.  
  • Emily really annoyed me sometimes.  She would spend so much time in her room by herself and just trying to hide from her FAMILY.  She should have taken the time she had to try to get to know them, instead of being bitchy about it.
  • Emily has pre-judged everyone before she even gave them the chance.  Her mother has her brainwashed into thinking that her family are these evil, horrible people.  And she believes them.  Does she have no original thoughts or opinions or convictions?  She basically believes whatever her mother tells her, and that seemed kind of naïve for her age.
  • BUT this does get better throughout the book.  The more time she spends around them, the more she realizes that what her mother always told her is far from the truth.  She opens up to them and becomes attached to her family and Oz. 
  • She searches to uncover the truth and you really start to see her coming out of her shell and being her own person.  She grows and changes a lot and it was nice to see her viewpoints do a 180.
  • Olivia.  Olivia was Emily’s grandmother and she was awesome.  She really was such a good person, but at the same time, so cool and she fit right in with the gang.  She is really accepting and gentle with Emily and it’s heartbreaking to see how much she’s missed Emily.  How hard it has been for her to be without her only granddaughter. 
  • Oz and Emily.  I SHIP THEM.  I thought it was so cute how Oz was really the only person she trusted. (although pretty stupid.  They have never done ANYTHING to give Emily any reason not to trust them.  IT’S YOUR FAMILY.)
  • But back to Emily and Oz.  I really like them together!  But, of course, there are always complications.  (basically Emily’s father.  Dads are protective.  Especially hers.)
  • I also really liked how Emily was trying to uncover this secret that everyone has been trying to keep buried.  I just kept wondering what it possibly could be.  And when it was finally uncovered, OH BOY.

 So, in conclusion, I really liked Nowhere But Here.  It is a great story with amazing family relationships, romance, action, and mystery.  I just can’t emphasize how much I LOVED the “Reign of Terror” and their gang.  They stick up for each other and Emily is lucky to have such a great family.  (well, her father’s half, at least.)  I recommend this book to EVERYONE.  Really.  Go read it!  

      Have you read Nowhere But Here?  What did you think?  Are you planning on reading it?  Are there any books similar to this that i should check out?  Which Katie McGarry book should I read next?  Let me know!


  1. Glad you liked the book. It looks really interesting!

  2. Glad you liked the book. It looks really interesting!

  3. Any time I see someone mention a plot twist, I'm like: "I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK." Thankfully -- I have a copy. So I'm looking forward to getting to it soon. Great review!! So glad you liked this one. I've previously read and liked Katie McGarry's books before. :)