Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up #4

Weekly Wrap-Up #4
This week, I’m linking up with Stacking The Shelves, and Sunday Post.  Go check them out!
I haven’t posted a wrap-up in two weeks, so this one might be slightly longer.
I’ve also been busy with school and finals, so I haven’t had as much time as I’d like for the blog.  However, school will be out in not too long, so I’ll have tons more time for blogging and reading. 
What happened on the blog last week?

Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday #5


 I talked about Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, coming out May 26th


Thursday: Review: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder


 I love the Poison Study series and it seems to be getting better and better with each book!


What happened on the blog this week?

Monday: Review: The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey


I finally read The Fifth Wave and wow was it a crazy time.


Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday #6


This week I talked about The Cage by Megan Shepherd, coming out May 26th.



Thursday: Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

This book was incredible and really, the bottom line is, you MUST read this.  Check out my review for more!



What new books did I get this week?

Okay, so half of these I got last week, and the other half are from this week.  So, I’m just going to show them to you all at once.

Wild Hearts (If Only series #4) by Jessica Burkhart:
The If Only series is series of YA contemporary novels.  All of them are by different authors and about different things. But they are all insanely adorable.  This particular one is by an author whose middle-grade series I used to read AND it’s about horses.  So excited!!

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West
SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.  I’ve read On The Fence by Kasie West and it was glorious.  I can’t wait to read her new book because it sounds adorable and I’m prepared to absolutely love it. 

Rebel by Amy Tintera
This is the sequel to Reboot. I was so happy to find this in paperback so I could finally finish the series.  I really like the Reboot duology and I’d definitely recommend it. 
I’m going to link to the first book in the series because, spoilers.

Perfect by Ellen Hopkins
This is my first ever Ellen Hopkins book.  I’ve heard good things, and I can’t wait to dive into this one.  Plus, that cover is gorgeous.  Although, after I bought this, I realized that it seems to be the sequel or companion to something else.  Do I need to rest the first book?

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews
I’ve been wanting to get this because it’s being turned into a movie and it looks super cute.  Also, I found the original cover.  It’s the best ever.  Anyways, I’m excited to read this and I hope I like it.

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
MORE COLLEEN HOOVER.  I’m about a quarter of the way through my quest to buy and read every Colleen Hoover book on the face of the earth. 

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
I did it.  I finally bought it.  I’ve heard such great things about this series, but until now I just said “nah”.  I finally just thought ‘what the heck?  I’ll give it a shot.”  It looks really different from anything I’ve ever read before, but I like that.  I’m always ready to read different kinds of books. 

Panic by Lauren Oliver
I’ve never read anything by Lauren Oliver before.  But, I figured “why not?” Plus I found this at a used book store and it was really cheap. 

What books did I read the past two weeks?
I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d like because I’ve been busy.  So, I’ve only been able to read three book in the past two weeks.  Which is bad, very very bad.    

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

I was so excited to get my hands on Sarah Dessen’s newest book.  And I loved it just as much as I thought I would!  Definitely recommend picking this one up!  Review coming soon.

Also, I just realized that I forgot to haul this one.  Oops. 

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang

I had to read this for my book club this month, and I was SO EXCITED.  It’s BEAUTIFUL.  The cover, the artwork, it was all GORGEOUS.  I’m pretty new to graphic novels, but I really loved this and I’m hoping to read some more graphic novels in the future.

Rebel by Amy Tintera

I talked about this one above in my haul.  And there’s not much to say because of spoilers,  But, I did think this was a good conclusion to the series and I was glad to be able to finish another series.


Have you read any of these books?  Does anyone know if I have to read Impulse before I read Perfect?  Lastly, any graphic novel recommendations? 


  1. You got some interesting books this week. I hope you love all of your new books. Can't wait to read some of your reviews.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. Great haul this week! The Fill-In Boyfriend sounds really good. Miss Peregrine's, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and In Real Life are all great reads. I hope you have a good week! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. Yeah, I just finish Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and I really enjoyed it! Thanks, you too! <3

  3. Me and Earl and the dying girl !! The movie is based on a book 0____0 I did not know that. nice haul :D happy reading XD

    Maura @

    1. Yeah, I just finished the book and it was really good. You should definitely check it out!

  4. I'm dying for The Fill-In Boyfriend. I just love Kasie West. And anything Colleen Hoover is going to be good. Hope you have a great week!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

    1. Kasie West and Colleen Hoover are great. I can't wait to read both of them. Thanks, you too! <3

  5. Great loot! I am jealous haha Enjoy reading and have a great week ahead.

  6. Panic seems really good, and I've been meaning to read it too :) I loved Oliver's Delirium trilogy and I've been wanting to read other books by her ever since. Happy reading! :)