Friday, July 10, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award by Anjie of Love Thy Shelf.  Thanks so much, Anjie!  You’re the best! 

I love doing award posts and tags because I get to talk about random bookish stuff and I feel like (hopefully) you get to know me a little better.

The Rules:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  2. Put the Award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Nominate ten blogs.
My Answers:

1.    What is your absolute number one favorite book ever? — I know, I know, really tough questions. If you have to, you can separate by genres

This question is evil.
I guess I’d have to say the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter.  I’ve read it so many times and the world and characters just really mean a lot to me. 
Nothing can compare to Sarah J/ Maas’s characters or writing, or Marissa Meyer’s amazing worldbuilding.
But, the Gallagher Girls series just means a lot to me.  It’s a series I read when I was younger, and one that I still enjoy reading now.   It’s the series that I’ve loved for the longest. 
This is so hard and I still can’t say for certainty that it’s my favorite book of all time, because really how can anyone ever pick just one? 

2.    If a book character can come to life and run for office, who would you want as President (King/Queen, Prime Minister, or whichever governing leader your country has) and why?

Okay, I live in the US.  So, technically I should pick a president.  But, I’d much rather have Aelin from Throne of Glass as a Queen.  She’s just incredible and she’s going to make a great Queen.  I will always support Aelin.  (lots of Heir of Fire feels) 

3.    Think of all the dystopian books you’ve read. Which dystopian world would you rather be a part of?

I’m going to say Divergent.  Their world and government sucks.  But, you would die no matter what dystopian world you live in.  I’d rather learn how to throw knives at people and fight if I have to live in a sucky world and probably die.  At least I’d have some fun.  Plus, maybe I could meet Four? 

4.    Channeling Rick Riordan, who would be your godly parent? They could be Greek (Percy Jackson), Roman (Heroes of Olympus), Egyptian (Kane Chronicles), or Norse (Magnus Chase) and why?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION.  Because trust me, as a huge Percy Jackson fangirl, I’ve given this a lot of thought. 
I feel like just going from that fact that I’m a book lover and book blogger, I’d be Athena by default right?  I love reading and (sometimes) learning.  English and History have always been my favorite subjects.  
But here’s another reason why I think Athena would be my godly parent.  My name is Olivia.  Pretty much anywhere you look, it says the meaning of my name in “olive” or “olive tree”.  As you may recall, the olive tree is sacred to Athena.  It’s what she created in the competition against Poseidon to become patron of Athens.  She gave them olives. 
So, based on all of that I think it’s probably too perfect to be a coincidence.  (I must be a demigod)  (though with all of the technology I use, I’d be dead by now)

5.    What is your biggest bookish pet peeve?

When people bend the pages.  Get a bookmark, please!  I used to do that, and it’s really not that big of a deal, but it makes me cringe so bad now. 
Also, when there are cover changes and my covers don’t match.  That sucks. 

6.    Do you want a job/career in the book industry? What would you want to do?

I would LOVE to have a career in the book industry.  I think it might be fun to be an editor.  But, honestly, if I’d be able to work with YA, anything would be a blast. 

7.    If you could already have a book that hasn’t been released yet, which would you pick?

QUEEN OF SHADOWS.  JUST finished Heir of Fire and I need this to come out sooner. 

8.    If you had to be a supernatural/fantasy being, what would you choose (witch, vampire, angel/nephilim/shadowhunter, werewolf, faerie, alien, grisha, pegasus (haha), demigod, mermaid, etc)?

Absolutely a demigod.  Hands down.  Camp Half Blood is my home.  I would love it so much (even if I might not live very long). 
 I also wouldn’t mind being a Fae (if I could be in Sarah J. Maas’s world, of course) Because her Fae are amazing and kick butt and SJM had the most incredible male characters ever. 

9.    Why do you love reading?

Because it lets you experience things beyond what you could ever do in real life.  Through books you have access to and infinite number of worlds and stories.  It lets you escape and immerse yourself into a completely different place and time.  It teaches you things and helps you to grow as a person. 

10.      Recommend a book that isn’t popular and deserves a bigger following.

Any books by Ally Carter.  Seriously.  She’s amazing. 
But they’re sort of popular.
So, other than that, I’d definitely recommend Enchanted by Althea Kontis.  She has a whole fantasy/farytale retelling series that you should definitely check out. 

These questions were the best!  Thanks so much Anjie!!

The Questions I’ll be Passing Along:
  1.    What is your favorite classic book?
  2.    How many bookshelves do you have?  Are they currently overflowing? (because let’s face it, they probably are) 
  3.    What is your favorite friendship/ platonic relationship in any book?
  4.    Which characters from a book would you love to see thrown into the modern world?  (Throne of Glass, Lunar Chronicles, Hunger Games, etc..)  And why? 
  5.    What are the top 3 books on your TBR right now that you’re dying to read?
  6.   Favorite TV shows?
  7.     What are you most looking forward to this summer?
  8.  What was your most recent five star read?
 And to steal a couple from Anjie, because I love these so much:
  9. Give a shout out/recommendation to an underrated book that not a lot of people have heard of.
  10. Who would be your godly parent? They could be Greek (Percy Jackson), Roman (Heroes of Olympus), Egyptian (Kane Chronicles), or Norse (Magnus Chase) and why?

I’m Nominating:

Sherry @ Bloggity Blog
Caroline @ Stardust and Words
Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies      

I love all of your blogs and I would love it if you had the time to make a post because I’d love to see your answers to these questions! 

And yes…I know that wasn’t 10 people.  

Well, I think that’s all now.  That was super fun and thanks so much again to Anjie!!  


  1. Omg, every time I commented, it erased it when I clicked published. Hopefully, third times the charm. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Your answers were fun to read. You totally deserve this award! I love your blog (one of my favorites) and you're so much fun to discuss books with. I haven't read Gallagher Girls but I agree with you on Throne of Glass and Lunar Chronicles! September is getting closer! I can't wait for Queen of Shadows! (Aelin for President was my pick, too). Hahaha olive tree! It's meant to be! You are daughter of Athena! I'd pick Athena too for the same reasons as you, minus being named Olivia of course haha

  2. Congrats on the award Olivia! You completely deserve it! ♥

    3). Haha...yeah, I'd probably pick the Divergent world as well. Probably the safest choice, right? ;) I can't think of a dystopian world where I either wouldn't be a). stabbed to death or b). have all my rights taken away.

    4). ALL THE YESES TO ATHENA. She is my godly parent too. It's really freaky - I think I might've told you before, but I look exactly like Annabeth (same golden blonde hair and gray eyes) and we have freakishly similar personalities. But, above all, books, learning and strategy are my everything.

    5). I have no solace for people who bend pages. Like, why would you do that? *tssks*


    Fabulous post Olivia! ♥

  3. Omg Olivia thanks for nominating me! I will be making my post for the award soon. I also happened to nominate you for the Liebster Award. My post is here:

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me, Olivia!!! I am not going to have wifi for the next week but once I get back to my house and the wifi there, I will be sure to do this post!!!!

  5. I love Ally Carter, too! I'm really sad her Gallagher series is over and that there will be no more Heist Soc books :( Hopefully another GG and HS crossover.

    Thank you for nominating me, Olivia! I finally got my post up now :)

    Haraiah @ Random Things In Action